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Dip Powder

Organic dipping powder is a very popular choice for multiple reasons. The vitamins and calcium in the powder help your nails get stronger and healthier. It looks natural and thinner than other acrylic nail options. It is more durable and stronger than gel polish. Dipping powder does not require U.V. light to cure, and most importantly it leaves no damage to natural nail bed.

Powder Only

Nail trimming, shaping, and buffing, followed by dip powder application.

Powder Ombre

Nail trimming, shaping, buffing, followed by the 2-tone dip powder application.

Add $10

For hands that  would love some TLC, add manicure to your dip service for extra $10.

Add $5
Advance Shaping
Add $10

Longer length and different shaping of Oval, Almond, Coffin, and Stilleto are extra charge due to extra time spent working, add $10 and up.
If you are getting dipping powder redone, there is NO charge for powder removal.

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